Introduction of Xian High-tech Hospital
Introduction of Xian High-tech Hospital

Xian high-tech hospital is located in xian high-tech industrial development zone south Tuanjie road no 16, was founded in June 2002, is a first-class Level general hospital of joint-stock The Hospital is for international

  • Sterile Supply Room Sterile Supply Room

    Xian GaoXin Hospital sterile supply room bears the job of recovery, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and release of all the hospital medical equipment and reused aseptic materials, ....

  • Department of Respiratory Medicine Department of Respiratory Medicine

    XiAn high-tech Hospital’s respiratory medicine is a medical professional team with treatment, teaching, scientific research The department offers 37 ordinary beds and eight respiratory intensive care units (RICU) beds There are 41 doctors and nurses....

  • Introduction of Department of Radiotherapy Introduction of Department of Radiotherapy

    Malignant tumor has become a common and frequently occurring disease in human beings and the incidence rate increases yearly About 3000000 cases of new malignant tumor patients are reported in our country each year Radiotherapy ....

  • Department Of Internal Neurology Department Of Internal Neurology

    The department of Xian High-tech hospital is National clinical key specialty construction project , Shanxi Province advantages medical specialtie and Hospital key department Currently it offers 114 beds, including 12 neurological i ....

  • Consultation telephone:
    029-96999, 88660120

    Guide the medical units: 029-88330116

    Administrative duty: 029-88332238

    Medical duty: 029-88332281

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